Silver Nanowires


Silver Nanowires (SNW) also known as Silver Nanoparticles are currently the most preferred material for the preparation of flexible transparent conductive films. These films are the best alternative to traditional materials like indium tin oxide films (ITO films) due to their superior properties over metal oxide films.

When Silver Nanowires are coated over a transparent base material such as polyethylene teraphtalate (PET), glass etc. the silver nanowires form a conductive network which is flexible and has high bending resistance at the same time providing a high level of transparency. They can improve light transmittance, give good conductivity and low haze after precision coating on a substrate. The conductivity of a silver nanowire coating is far higher than a metal oxide film of similar thickness.

Our distinctive production process enables us to control the diameters of the Silver Nanowires at nanometer scale (50-200 nm) and lengths at tens of micron scale (10-100μm) depending on the preparation conditions.

Silver Nanowires

What are Nanomaterials?

A nanomaterial is defined as
‘ a material with any external dimension in the nanoscale (size range from approximately 1 – 100 nm) or having internal structure or surface structure in the nanoscale’.

Long before the term Nanotechnology came into existence, nanomaterials have existed in nature in several forms. The beading effect of water on the lotus leaf, the amazingly strong spider web threads and the colloidal nature of blood are all due to nano-sized materials or structures.

Silver Nanowire Properties
Microscopic Silver Nanowire

Today, nanomaterials are present in almost all the things that we see in our lives. A material will exhibit dramatically different properties at nanoscale in terms of surface area, colour, electrical conductivity, melting point, reactivity etc. than it does at its conventional size.

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You can also contact us on our Technical support on following numbers